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Daily Planning


Children will only partisipate in some activities listed below as the examples below cover both the Birth to Three Matters and The Foundation phase planning. 
Planning activity for each age group can be found on the planning boards in the children's room.

Example of daily planning:

Term project : Spring



Weekly topics -  Spring Weather

Welsh word of the week- Ymbarel- umbrella, Enfys- Rainbow

Instructions of the week- Wet and Dry

Colour of the week- Blue

 Letter of the week - Tt

Shape of the week-  Triangle

Physical activities -  Dancing, running, walking and jumping

Creative activity- Paper plate sun, Bake rainbow biscuits, Sticking of a windmill, make hedgehog cupcakes

Painting/colouring activity- Make an umbrella using lolly pop sticks and paper plates, 

Messy play- Blowing bubbles with coloured water, create a foam rainbow

Cooking activity-  Rainbow biscuits and Hedgehog cupcakes

Stories and Singing -  I Hear thunder

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