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Early yearsCurriculum



Children’s experiences in the earliest years of their lives are critical to their subsequent development. At Bizzi Day Nurseries we promote the Early Years Foundation Stage framework that is designed to support children aged 0 to up to eight years. 


The nursery promotes the Early Years Foundation Stage that is a curriculum based on learning through play, the curriculum is based on seven areas of learning:

  • Personal. Social Development, Well-being & Cultural Diversity
  • Language, Literacy & Communication Skills
  • Mathematical Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Physical Development – Gross & Fine Motor
  • Creative development
  • Welsh Development


Staff implement and plan activities for children that promote the Early Years Foundation Stage, taking into account the age and stage of the child’s development.
Staff will observe and record children’s developmental using the Early Years Foundsation Phase Profile.


In each room there are notice boards displaying children’s daily, weekly and monthly activity plans. These are also situated next to signing in books.


Children’s work are displayed around the nursery along with photographs of children carrying out planned activities.


Each parent is provided with a daily report sheet, stating all the relevant details of their child’s day e.g. what they have eaten and how much, sleeping times and their activities during the day. 


Over the time your child attends nursery a portfolio book is produced giving examples of your child’s work, photographs and observations based on the seven areas of learning. These books once completed are given to parents.

At Bizzi Day we feel it's important to observe the children and encourage their development. The Foundation Phase Profile summatively assesses children’s skills using observations and formative assessments and produces outcomes expressed in four Areas of Learning. Skills should be observed across a wide range of experiences and all the Foundation Phase Areas of Learning. The Areas of Learning within the profile are:

- Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity
- Language, Literacy and Communication Skills 
- Mathematical Development 
- Physical Development.